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warp_icons's Journal

Time Warp Icons
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All Members , Moderated
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Welcome to warp_icons! This is an icontest community that focuses primarily on the 1975 production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show: its story, actors, characters, themes, etc. If you enjoy making icons, and you enjoy this strangely addictive movie, come join us!

Uh... icontest?
Yep! :D Each week, this community will hold a contest to see who can create the best icon based upon the Challenge requirements I issue. Sounds like fun, eh?

Is that all you do here?
Well, no, but that is the main thing. :) All of our members may feel free to post any RHPS-related icons or banners that they create, so long as they abide by our rules, which may be seen a bit below.

Sounds like a blast! Do I have to apply to get in?
Nope! We accept everybody, no strings attached.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Every member of this community will have posting access. So, if you make a batch of RHPS icons, or a banner or two, feel free to share them with the rest of us! I'm sure we'd all love to see what you've done. :) A couple guidelines, however...

o1. Please do not use any of the icons you show off as entries in any of our later Challenges. They will not be considered, since this would clearly be breaking a few of our rules. Sure, you can post your old entries after the contest has already ended, but nothing you ever plan on submitting... which you shouldn't just have lying around, anyway. ;D
o2. If you plan on showing off any more than three icons, please place the rest under an eljay cut. Also, none of us cares whether or not your LJ-cut is fake. :) If you do not know how to make a LiveJournal cut, you do not belong here. ;D Also, all banners should be placed under an LJ-cut, no matter how small. Thank you. :D
o3. Please use a reliable image-hosting service! I recommend Photobucket.com. If your icons turn into Red Xs, I will delete your entry.
o4. Please try to avoid posting without graphics to accompany your message. We are an icon/graphics community. Any posts made without graphics to accompany them WILL be deleted, and the user probably banned, just because I'm that mean. :D
o5. Before asking for specific screencaps, please check the links we have near the bottom of the userinfo page. Requests without graphics will be ignored and deleted, and the user will probably be banned.
o6. Please, do not ask where you can get premade layouts or graphics. This is an icon/graphics community, and I'm sure that if someone makes one, they will post it.
o7. raynala made this layout, and she is not taking requests. Please do not make requests unless a specific user says that they are taking them. Any posts like this will be deleted, and the user probably banned.

A post will be made by raynala featuring RHPS graphics, lyrics, a topic, or some kind of combination on a Wednesday. Members will have until Wednesday of the following week at midnight to submit their entry. That Wednesday, the voting will begin, and it will last roughly until Friday. You may vote at any time during this window. The winning icons will be announced that Friday, the winners will receive banners, and a new Challenge will begin. A simple enough cycle, yes?

There are four winning places. Three are simply first, second, and third place icons overall, as voted by the members. There will also be a MOD's Choice. Please, no whining whether or not you win/I choose your icon. ;P

o1. Please submit your entry as a comment in the post containing the Challenge. I'll make it easy for you and just put CHALLENGE RULES & ENTRY SUBMISSIONS in the subject line. ;D This is the ONLY place to which you may place your submissions. All entries will be screened, so you will not have to worry about others seeing your icon(s) ahead of time.
o2. Your entry must be compatible with LiveJournal standards: less than 40kB, and no larger than 100x100 pixels. Fail to follow these guidelines and your entry will be disqualified.
o3. Your entry must contain the image, lyric, or topic described/given in the Challenge, or it will not be considered when voting time comes around.
o4. Please make all of your entries new! AKA, do not submit an icon you've had lying in a folder for months that happens to fit the Challenge requirements. Please, make something fresh! :D
o5. Please, do not share your icons with the public until AFTER contest winners have been announced. I know the suspense may very well kill you, but we have ways of dealing with that. >>;
o6. Only ever submit one icon for the icontest.
o7. You must appear as a member of the community to be eligible to win. NOT JUST A WATCHER! I've noticed we have a few, and that's fine. If you would like to be able to win an icontest, though, please just join the group. It isn't that hard. :P I will be checking before I post the entries for voting.
o8. Please use images from the 1975 Rocky Horror Picture Show Film when submitting icons! That is what this community focuses on.

o1. When it comes time to vote, please use the poll or leave a comment (use common sense) in the specified post. You are to vote for your top three favorite icons. All votes will be screened/made unvisiblekthx. :D
o2. You are permitted to make only one vote for three icons. No more, no less.
o3. Please, do not vote for your own icon. I know whose is whose. If you vote for your own icon, your entries and votes will be disqualified, AND I will embarrass the holy hell out of you. You have been warned. :D
o4. In order for your Challenge entry to be considered, you must vote! Failure to do this will result in disqualification. As will many other things already mentioned. :P

If you like this community enough to promote it to others, please remember a few simple rules before proceeding...
o1. Please, do not promote in anyone's personal journal especially if you do not know the person. Promotions in the comments of someone's journal are against LiveJournal Terms of Service, and are overall rude and annoying. I don't want people to be irked with my community!
o2. Please heed to the rules of other communities! If they do not allow promotion of other communities, do not promote this community there! If the promotion must be behind an LJ-cut, do it behind a cut! Please remember that the rules of every community are different, and they should all be followed within the parameters of that specific community.
o3. It is perfectly fine to promote this community within your own journal, IE, in your userinfo or a personal post. What you do with your own space is your business. ;D
o4. Please, please, please do not promote other communities here! If you put a small plug at the end of one of your icon posts, fine, that's acceptable. Please, however, do not make a post solely to promote another community! If you do this once, you will be banned. Oh, and no rating communities. Ever. Understood? :)

Please follow all of these rules. Repeated ignorance of the rules will result in either disqualification from icontests, removal of posting priveleges, or banning. You have been warned.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

CHALLENGE 01: RESULTS; Congratulations yobadself!
CHALLENGE 02: RESULTS; Congratulations jaymzalexander!
CHALLENGE 03: RESULTS; Congratulations raynala!
CHALLENGE 04: RESULTS; Congratulations raynala!
CHALLENGE 05: RESULTS; Congratulations diamondjul!
CHALLENGE 06: RESULTS; Congratulations yobadself!
CHALLENGE 07: RESULTS; Congratulations rosedamask!
CHALLENGE 08: RESULTS; Congratulations yobadself!
CHALLENGE 09: RESULTS; Congratulations yobadself!
CHALLENGE 10: RESULTS; Congratulations kizzmon!
CHALLENGE 11: RESULTS; Congratulations scribbleaway!
CHALLENGE 12: RESULTS; Congratulations yobadself!
CHALLENGE 13: RESULTS; Congratulations superbeicons!

01LIMS 01: RESULTS; Congratulations miss_atom!
01LIMS 02: RESULTS; Congratulations miss_atom!
01LIMS 03: RESULTS; Congratulations onsunset!
01LIMS 04: RESULTS; Congratulations onsunset!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

If you have any trouble in this community whatsoever, please feel free to visit the MOD at her personal journal, or via e-mail. I'll be glad to help you. :D

> raynala
e-mail: waffletaxi @ gmail.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

x. http://www.rockyhorror.com/downloads/;
x. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0073629/photogallery;
x. http://pics.livejournal.com/deadbetty/gallery/000074bg?page=1&.view=grid;

If you have any links to information or screencaps, please let us know by posting a comment on the latest post, or making a new one. :) We are always in need of new places to get RHPS screens and pictures of the movie's cast!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

If you enjoy this community and would like to see it grow, please place one of the above banners/buttons in your userinfo or a post with a small link back to warp_icons. Promoting, while it is not required, is certainly appreciated. :)


If you would like to make your own button, that's fine, too. If you would like to donate one, please e-mail it to raynala at waffletaxi @ gmail.com. :D