Like a ghost she glimmers on (rosedamask) wrote in warp_icons,
Like a ghost she glimmers on

WEEK 15: Challenge Rules and Entry Submission

I had a word with raynala about the icontest portion of this community, and she is very kindly letting me have a go at resurrecting it. So...

This week's theme is costumes. So long as the focus of the icon is on what the character is wearing (e.g. a costume detail like Columbia's bow tie, or a headless icon, or a black and white icon with the costume in colour, or anything else you can come up with), it's all good.

One entry per user, the usual LJ standards - 100x100 or less, 40kb or less - apply. Icons due in by Wednesday, 25th of July. Go wild. :D
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Great theme. If I can get past all the Harry Potter mania this week, I'll try to get one out for you. ♥